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Mocha Green by JacobDSArt Mocha Green :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 8 54 Bradley Rhoades by JacobDSArt Bradley Rhoades :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 7 38 Bianca Rhoades by JacobDSArt Bianca Rhoades :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 7 16 Gavin Lee Motivational Poster by JacobDSArt Gavin Lee Motivational Poster :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 2 6 Mimu by JacobDSArt Mimu :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 4 77 Regina Sutton by JacobDSArt Regina Sutton :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 12 89 Blair Tugger by JacobDSArt Blair Tugger :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 9 56
A Poem for Scott.
A Poem for Scott.
Here’s to my buddy we all know as Scott.
A friend from beyond who I respect a whole lot.
A friend someone like me can say is really cool.
A friend from Britain where the gentlemen rule.
He reviews movies as the one Media Man.
People would call themselves that if they can.
My buddy Scott is a really good artist
He’s lucky to have me, as a friend one of his smartest.
We share a lot in common, favorite movies and shows.
I like to remind him of news that I know.
He should be lucky to have a friend from Texas.
I’m glad that I can expand my nexus.
My nexus of friends who have a special part,
And even from Britian, he has a place in my heart.
:iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 4 37
Elder Olon by JacobDSArt Elder Olon :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 5 45
My Top 6 Favorite Animated Series
Top 6 Favorite Animated Series
Hello, my watchers! Jacob Coad here. You’ve seen me do a Top 10 list of my favorite movies now here, I’m gonna do a Top 6 for my favorite animated series of all time. Why Top 6? As the Nostalgia Critic once said, I like to go one step beyond. That, and right now I can’t thionk of ten so maybe consider this list a Top 10 Part 2 when I do. :) For now, without further ado, let’s get started! :D
Number 6: ALF: The Animated Series
Now you may or may not be aware of the sitcom from the 80’s called ALF, which is about a family living with a puppet alien named Gordon Shumway, or ALF as they call him. How does he hold in animated series? Rather well, I must say. :)
The show acts as a prequel to the original series as this one portrays ALF’s life on his home planet of Melmac before it exploded. This is rather interesting for those who wanted to see what it was like for ALF to live on Melmac.
Of course, since this do
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Skunk Fu! Fan stamp by JacobDSArt Skunk Fu! Fan stamp :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 6 11
My Top 10 Favorite Movies
Jacob's Top 10 Favorite Movies
Hello, my fellow watchers! This is Jacob and I thought about doing a Top 10 list of my favorite movies! Just a disclaimer, some of these movies are some not everybody likes, but I like them so don't complain. Without further ado, let's dive right in.
Number 10: Horton Hears a Who!
Which one of Dr. Seuss' books have you read? The Cat in the Hat? The Grinch? The Lorax? Almost everyone I knew had at least read one book by Theodor Seuss Geisel, but unfortunately, adaptations of his work are not that satisfying...that is except for Horton Hears a Who! This film stays true to the source material, has great animation made to look like Seuss' original illustrations and has quite a great voice cast.
Surprisingly, Jim Carrey's performance as Horton can be a bit off-putting. Some of his lines seem very Jim Carrey-ish, but for what it is, this portrayal of the hundred-percent faithful elephant is...well, faithful. All of the other characters are good too, Ste
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Shandar Tallent by JacobDSArt Shandar Tallent :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 8 133 Jacob Coad (Texas outfit) by JacobDSArt Jacob Coad (Texas outfit) :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 3 10 Jacob Coad (Sonic Riders Style) by JacobDSArt Jacob Coad (Sonic Riders Style) :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 2 62 Miku (Sonic Riders Style) by JacobDSArt Miku (Sonic Riders Style) :iconjacobdsart:JacobDSArt 5 20


Media Man alternate outfit by Supers5295 Media Man alternate outfit :iconsupers5295:Supers5295 3 7 Jack the Hedgeboy Sprites (My Ver.) (Read Desc.) by Jack-Hedgehog Jack the Hedgeboy Sprites (My Ver.) (Read Desc.) :iconjack-hedgehog:Jack-Hedgehog 23 8 Huh? Who's 'she'? by WackyZebra Huh? Who's 'she'? :iconwackyzebra:WackyZebra 8 4 Wonder Woman vs. Pyrrha Nikos by Mixedfan8643 Wonder Woman vs. Pyrrha Nikos :iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 29 14 Freddy Fazbear scares Buzz Lightyear by RDJ1995 Freddy Fazbear scares Buzz Lightyear :iconrdj1995:RDJ1995 7 1 What Scares Buzz Lightyear by RDJ1995 What Scares Buzz Lightyear :iconrdj1995:RDJ1995 21 0 CatDog's Big Picture Show - Teaser Poster by RDJ1995 CatDog's Big Picture Show - Teaser Poster :iconrdj1995:RDJ1995 6 4 Never Letting Them Go Extinct by RDJ1995 Never Letting Them Go Extinct :iconrdj1995:RDJ1995 15 5 Roll the Rest of the Clip by ZArtist2017 Roll the Rest of the Clip :iconzartist2017:ZArtist2017 8 0 Spongebob says something about winning the KCA by RDJ1995 Spongebob says something about winning the KCA :iconrdj1995:RDJ1995 14 2 Sir Zazu by RDJ1995 Sir Zazu :iconrdj1995:RDJ1995 14 2 Hotto Dogu! by Yumibun Hotto Dogu! :iconyumibun:Yumibun 62 39 Kaden (King) Kong by SuperShadeMario Kaden (King) Kong :iconsupershademario:SuperShadeMario 4 5 80 years of Superman by Mixedfan8643 80 years of Superman :iconmixedfan8643:Mixedfan8643 32 40 Kitty Flirty Pose: Karate by Eli-J-Brony Kitty Flirty Pose: Karate :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 52 11 Their Fear Factor Water Challenge by RDJ1995 Their Fear Factor Water Challenge :iconrdj1995:RDJ1995 12 3


So some of you may know I went outta town, because “Weird Al” Yankovic played in my home state of Texas. How did I like the show? It was AWESOME! :squee:

The songs in the show rocked, Weird Al was hilarious, and we even got an encore! :D

We also got an opening act with Emo Phillips doing some comedy. I had no idea who he was until my dad gave me the lowdown. Phillips was hilarious and he even said something about us Texans. “When you make a friend from Texas, you’re friends for life.” He is so true. :aww: :nod: :D

So I have some shoutouts to people who I wanna thank for being my friends. :iconcloudstriker15: :iconmastergamer20: :iconmixedfan8643: :icondarkcatthekhajjit: :iconvicioushedgehog95: :icontails-2-me: :iconky-1: :icondisneybrony2012: :iconjaksthegiganotosaur: :iconscurvypiratehog: and :iconnekorockstarninja: Thank you for being my buddies and fellow Weird Al fans. :D 
So, I got issue three of Sonic by IDW and I'm just gonna say it, although Rough and Tumble are not too interesting and have the exact same personality, they are pretty much a discount Scratch and Grounder. I'm not kidding, I feel like these two are Scratch and Grounder only organic and different...species, I dunno. Still hoping Tangle is a good character. :fingerscrossed:
I just got back from seeing the movie Rampage and I gotta say it was a good movie. It’s probably one of my favorite movies with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and one of my favorite movies based on a video game. :D

One of the highlights for me is George. For me, he was able to give me my King Kong fix, being the Kong fan I am. Not only is he a convincing Kong, but he has some good qualities to him as a character.

If you want a good video game movie and/or you wanna see a good Kong-like movie, go see this. You won’t be disappointed. I gotta thank :iconvicioushedgehog95: and :icondisneybrony2012: for recommending this to me. :D
Mocha Green
An OC named after my first pet (RIP). Hope you enjoy.

Name: Mocha Green

Species: Avalician Chocolate Labrador

Personality: Tomboyish, athletic, bubbly, rowdy, caring, playful

Occupation: Athlete

Likes: Sports, her old friend Carol, cute boys, the beach, sunsets, tickle torture, Carol's relationship with Jackson

Voice actress: Katie Griffin

Mocha is an old friend of Carol from Shang Tu from when they were kids. Both are tomboyish and played together as a puppy and kitten. When Carol's grandfather Clifford was exiled, Mocha showed deep sympathy for her and promised to be a good friend to her. It wouldn't be long before Carol joined the Red Scarves, unbeknownst to Mocha, who really missed her.

When she grew up, Mocha became an athlete and had competed in different kinds of sports. When Carol saw Mocha again, she felt a little happy for her, considering how lucky she was and quitew often, Mocha visited the treehouse in Dragon Valley.  
I have uploaded something Christmas related on my channel. It's a narrating of a classic DR. Seuss sttory, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The narrator and the Grinch are voiced by me.

Cindy Lou Who is voiced by :icontickle-me-lauren96:


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Jacob Coad
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United States
Howdy! The name's Jacob. I'm a fan of all kinds of media, such as movies, TV, comic books, novels, video games and stage shows.

Favorite animal: Lemur

My DA family: :icontamscpbrony: (My brother)

My DeviantArt buddies:


My DeviantArt brothers and sisters

:iconky-1:, who I know in real life

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